L.A. Burman Associates

L.A. Burman Associates leverages the expertise of its president and other leading industry consultants. Linda Burman has been in the computer industry for seventeen years.
Prior to founding her own company, she was Director of Worldwide Marketing at SoftQuad International and prior to that, the Publishing Evangelist at Apple Computer. Beginning her computer career as a systems engineer at Datapoint Corporation, she brought a strong technical background to her later positions in business management and product marketing at companies like MICOM-Interlan and Bitstream. Trained originally as an educator, Ms Burman also transferred her years of experience as an instructor to her new industry.
Ms. Burman is recognized as an industry expert and often speaks at conferences such as the Seybold Seminars, Documation, SGML & XML conferences and more. L.A. Burman Associates is an active member of SGMLOpen and InterXorg the new XML initiative. She previously chaired the Marketing Research Committee of SGMLOpen and also served as a founding member of the Advisory Board for Documation.

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